Ongoing Classes-Year Round

Our general classes are ongoing throughout the year, may be started at any time and finished at your own pace. Please call ahead to register for the class you would like to take so that we can be sure there is space in that class for you. Any of the following classes can be taken during our open class times, which are as follows:

Monday 10am – 12pm                              Monday 6 – 8pm                                    Saturday 9 – 11am

Students must be 16 years of age or older to participate in classes. Students are expected to bring their tools to all classes. In most classes students are also responsible for all materials used for their projects. If you have any questions as to what materials are required, please ask prior to the first class or check out the class descriptions on our website.

In addition to the following classes, during our open class/studio times we welcome you to drop in to get some help with whatever project you are working on. Want to brush up on your cutting or soldering skills? Not sure how that box is supposed to go together? Call ahead to reserve your space and we’ll help you wherever you are with your project. Open class - $20 per session.



Course # Meetings Tuition
Introduction to Stained Glass 3 $125
SG Panels 5 $100
Introduction to Lead 4 $80
SG Panel Lanmps 4 $80
Glass Boxes 3 $60
Mosiac Shapes 2 $75
Standard Mosiacs 2 $100
Glass on Glass Mosiacs 2 $100
Open Class/Studio Time 1 $20
2 Hr Stained Glass Workshop 1 $25
2 Hr Pendant Workshop 1 $25

 Please call ahead to schedule your class time at 717-657-9737 to ensure availability and so that we can have materials ready for you. 

All class participants must be at least 16 years of age or older



Introduction to Stained Glass Two Hour Introductory Workshop
Stained Glass Panels  Leaded Figures
Stained Glass Panel Lamps Kaleidoscopes
Introduction to Lead Holiday Gift Workshops
Stained Glass Boxes  

Traditional Mosaics


Dr. Archer's Tiffany Lamps
David Rodney's Moravian Star Course
Jan's Glass on Glass Mosaic Class
Jan McKelvey's 3-D Christmas Tree Class



Two Hour Fused Pendant Workshop Fused Plates or Bowls
Kiln Techniques Fused Tiles
Wall Mirror With Slumped Flower Fused Plant Stakes
Leaf Silhouette Panel Fused Glass Wind Chimes




Two Hour Workshop

This brief workshop introduces students to the very basics of Stained Glass as they complete a 6" Circular Medallion.  All tools and materials are included in tuition costs. 

Call the shop for availability.

1 Class - $50


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Dr. Hugh Archer's Tiffany Lamp Course

Extensive experience in glass work is required for this course.

During this class, renowned Tiffany Lamp expert Dr Hugh Archer will assist you while you create an exquisite  Tiffany lamp.  Eight classes are spread over a 7 month period to ensure the completion of your project.  Don't miss this first time ever opportunity to have a Tiffany expert help you with your heirloom piece.

 8 Classes- $150 +Form+Materials


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Garden Stepping Stones

During this 3-session course you will complete a beautiful stone of your choice comprised of glass & cement.

Course tuition includes a reusable mold & cement.  Students are responsible for patterns & glass.  

3 Classes - $100.00

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This course introduces students to making mosaics with stained glass pieces. We teach Mosaic Shapes, Standard Mosaics, and Glass on Glass Mosaics. Tuition includes most materials. A $20.00 refund will be issued when your tools are returned.

Mosaic Shapes - $75.00

Standard Mosaics - $100.00

Glass on Glass - $100.00

Prerequisite: None

During this 3 session course, students will be responsible for their substrate, built as a mosaic using stained glass. Included in the tuition will be adheasive, grout and glass.

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Fluid Art (Choose One)

  • Alcohol Inks on ceramic Tiles

  • Acrylic Paint Pours on Canvas

  • Acrylic Paint Pours on Vases

Tuition $45.00 all materials included


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3D Flowers

During this course, students will create 3 different stand up flowers of their choosing. Some materials are included in the cost of tuition.

Previous stained glass experience required

3 Classes- $75.00

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3D Gift Boxes

During this the session course, students will be make 3 boxes. Students will be responsible for all materials.

Previous stained glass experience required

3 Classes- $60.00

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3D Christmas Tree

Included in the tuition will be the pattern and foil.  Other materials will be the responsibility of the student.

Previous stained glass experience required.

2 Classes- $60.00

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Introduction to Fusing

This 2 hour informational course details the process of fusing glass in a kiln, and is designed for kiln owners. Kiln set-up, warm glass terminology, firing schedules and processes will be discussed.

Tuition is $60.00. The class fee is waived for students who have purchased an Olympic kiln through Rainbow Vision.


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Open Fusing

Students choose from a variety of projects at that will be priced accordingly. All material and kiln firings included.


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Fused Pendant Workshop

In this fun workshop you will make two fused glass pendants that will be later mounted on your choice of brass or silver coated bails. You will have lots of choices of glass colors, frits, stringers and dichroic accents.


Cost of class which includes all materials, use of tools and kiln firing:

1 class-$50

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