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As you begin to explore the colorful art of Stained Glass, you will discover a myriad of products relating to the craft, including dozens of soldering irons, glass cutters and pliers.

With our two instructional books, "Basic Stained Glass Making" & "Beyond Basic Stained Glass Making", the emphasis is on simplification & attention to detail.  This not only includes technique, but also choice of tools & supplies.

As you peruse the products below, you will notice that they are all featured in one or both books. The products are all tried & true and you can be assured that they will work well for you.  Instead of guessing what might work, we are offering to you what has worked well for us over the past 25 years.

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Essential Tools Incidental Tools Odds and Ends Supplies
Deluxe Tool Kit w/"Basic Stained Carborundum Stone Sharpie Marker Set Supply Pack
Glass Making" Book Lead Hammer Horseshoe Nails 12/Pack  60/40 Solder  
Deluxe Tool Kit without book Fid Set Morton Layout Blocks Fluxomatic Flux
Super Deluxe Tool Kit w/"Basic Professional Boxer Lead Vise Rubber Cement
Stained Glass Making" Book Small Wire Cutter by Xcelite Box Hinge Tube Set Mirror Sealant
Super Deluxe Tool Kit without book Safety Goggle Brass Ball Chain 25' Black Patina for Solder
Toyo Pistol Grip Oil Cutter Bench Brush Silver Box Chain Black Patina for Zinc
Toyo Upright Acrylic Oil Cutter Mosaic Cutter Black Lamp Chain Copper Patina for Solder
Toyo Custom Grip Saddle Oil Cutter   Lamp Finial Loop
Hakkol FX601 Temperature Soldering Iron    Three Socket Fixture 7/32 Copper Foil
Iron Stand & Cleaning Station O-Rings 7/32 Black Back Foil
Glastar Foiler Publications 7/32 Silver Back Foil
Foil Finisher Finishing Compound
Pattern Shears for Foil Beyond Basic SG Making Quick Clean Flux Remover
Pattern Shears for Lead  Making Stained Glass Panels Sal Ammoniac
Mika 2 in 1 Combo Shear Making Stained Glass Boxes Cement by Inland
Upgraded Breaker/Grozer Making Stained Glass Lamps Whiting  
Fletcher 6" Running Pliers Making Tiffany Lamps Weldbond Adhesive (8oz)
Tony's Lamp Leveler 40 Great SG Projects Cutting Oil
Basic Glass Fusing Grinder Coolant
**NEW** 40 Great Fusing Projects 16 Gauge Wire
  18 Gauge Wire
20 Gauge Wire


Rainbow Vision Online Shopping Q/A's

What types of payment can I use?

 At the Rainbow Vision Online Store we gladly accept payments using Visa and Master Card from our secured site.

How are shipping and handling charges determined?

Shipping charges are calculated Based on the amount of your total purchases, we have taken into account any extra packaging materials that we may need in order to ship glass or larger materials.  Items are shipped Express Mail from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and will normally arrive in 5-7 mailing days. Oversized items and orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the United States can be subject to additional shipping surcharges.  Orders with additional shipping charges will be confirmed by Rainbow Vision before your credit card is charged. Please call 717-657-9737 if you have any shipping questions.

Shipping charges are totaled automatically in the shopping cart section of your order.

Do you charge sales tax on orders?

Orders shipping to the state of Pennsylvania are subject to a 6% sales tax on both the items purchased and the shipping cost.  

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Rainbow Vision is happy to extend the following discounts for on-line orders:

    For orders totaling:

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What is your return policy?

Rainbow Vision has been in business for over 25 years and we pride ourselves on our customer service.  If for any reason you are unhappy with an order or have a question about a product you received, please do not hesitate to contact us at rainbowvisionmail@gmail.com  or at the shop 717-657-9737 so that we may discuss.

How do I contact someone for Customer Service Support?

Between the hours of 10AM-5PM EST M-F, and 9AM-3PM Saturdays, someone will be available at 717-657-9737 to assist you with your questions.  You may also submit questions to rainbowvisionmail@gmail.com anytime.  Please allow 24 hours for us to respond to any e-mailed inquiries.

What if I need a product not currently listed at your On-Line Store?

Rainbow Vision is a full service retail store located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It would be next to impossible to list online all of the items we currently have available in our shop  If there is something specific you are looking for, please call us at 717-657-9737 or e-mail us at rainbowvisionmail@gmail.com and we will do what we can to ship that item to you.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Rainbow Vision offers Gift Certificates in any denomination and is happy to mail them to you at no charge. Due to some restrictions with our online store, we ask that you call our shop at 717-657-9737 and order Gift Certificates over the phone so that you will not charged tax and shipping.


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