2 Hour Workshop Information

Thank you for buying a coupon voucher for our 2-Hour Workshop! This class is intended to introduce you to the colorful art of stained glass and to show you how fun-filled this craft is.

You will learn a little bit about glass cutting, how copper foil is involved in the process, and how to flow solder. At the end of the class, you will end up with a neat window ornament ready for hanging.

Below are our many class dates and times. More will be added as needed. Decide when you want to attend and then call our shop at 657-9737.

We look forward to your participation!

Class dates and times:


Thursday 5th 6-8PM

Saturday 7th 12-2PM

Thursday 26th 6-8PM

Saturday 28th 12-2PM



Thursday 2nd 6-8PM

Thursday 16th 6-8PM

Saturday 18th 12-2PM

Saturday 25th 12-2PM



Thursday 7th 6-8PM

Thursday 21st 6-8PM

Saturday 23rd 12-2PM

Saturday 30th 12-2PM


Check back to this page for additional dates.

Rainbow Vision Stained Glass is located at

3105 Walnut Street,

Harrisburg PA 17109.



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