2021 POP THE LID UPDATE... We know so many of you have been asking about Pop The Lid (and it is a favorite of ours as well), however at this time we do not feel it is in the best interest of our staff & customers to gather 100+ people in our space for this sale, so we have decided to once again hold the Classroom Crate Sale much like we ran last year. People will still register for their 1/2 hour time slot and 2 shoppers at a time will be allowed in the classroom.  This year, the dates will be Friday, September 25th from 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday, Sept 26th from 10 am to 4 pm, and Sunday, Sept 27th from 10 am to 4 pm. We are not accepting reservations at this time but we will have much more information as the dates get closer.  We thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm for our events!






This will mark the 17th year that we held this annual event in our store and in that time we have established many regular attendees who clearly appreciate a value and know how to have a good time wile doing it. For all of our new students and customers, this is a history of POP THE LID and how the sale works...

The POP THE LID glass sales began in a little glass shop in California as a way to offer a large array of glass to customers, at huge savings, in a fun way.  We have taken that idea and added a few new twists so that it is unique to Rainbow Vision.  Here is how it works...

At registration you will be given a numbered card to be used during the sale. Soon after, the first crate will be opened (or "popped")!

As each crate is “popped”, we will give you a brief introduction  to the manufacturer and price range. Most of the sheets in each crate will be the same price regardless of color. These glass sheets come from the top glass companies that we carry every day at Rainbow Vision.  These are not seconds or broken pieces of glass, rather they are miscellaneous left overs of their product that was not able to make a full crate so they take these sheets and make a hodge podge crate. Companies like Spectrum Glass offer these crates of glass to us at a nice savings and we are in turn able to "pop" these crates for you and offer the glass at up to 50% or more off our regular prices.

When you see a piece of glass that you want (and trust us you will see several pieces you want), simply raise your numbered card. Generally there will be several pieces of each color and we will try to be fair to all participants.  As glass is selected, we will mark your number on each sheet and shuttle it to the back for wrapping. For each sheet of glass that you purchase, you will receive a ticket for one of our prize drawings held periodically during the sale. Simply write your registration number on the back of the ticket and place it  in the prize bowl.  Prizes in the past have included glass, pattern books, tools, and super cool glass company fashion, just to name a few.

For our most popular glasses we reserve the right to pull from these prize tickets and offer that individual the first pick at that particular sheet. 

We will "pop" the creates and show the glass until the crate is empty and then we will go on to the next until every crate has been seen. The sale usually ends before 12 noon.

At the end of the sale we will have a grand prize drawing using all of the prize tickets that have accumulated during the sale.  After, we will begin the task of wrapping all of the glass. We know from past sales that all of the "popping" makes the participants hungry so we offer two suggestions. Enjoy lunch and a drink provided by Rainbow Vision or arrange to pick up your glass the following week.

A prize coupon will be sent to everyone on our e-mail list during the week of the sale.  If you do not get our e-mail updates but would like a prize coupon, you may request that one be sent to you by contacting us at rainbowvisionmail@gmail.com 

Lastly, a few insider tips... First, bring a lawn chair, take a good personal glass inventory before the sale, plan for upcoming projects because this same glass will be full price on Monday, get to the sale early for the best seats, it is OK to get a sheet you have "absolutely no idea what to do with" yet, plan to have a good time.

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